Getting Back To The Basics

Infrastructure & Sustainable Neighborhoods


When District 3 neighborhoods deteriorate, so do our property values and quality of life. I plan to ensure our community is walkable, safe, and receives its fair share of fundamentals. 

Transparency & Accountability


Residents of District 3 feel they don't have a true voice and representative at City Council. Neighbors' needs and requests have been ignored. I plan to have an open door policy and a strong full time presence in District 3 at ALL TIMES; not just at re-election time. 

Balanced Growth & Delivering Results


Capital and community projects should address the fundamental needs of District 3. Projects and funding should work in concert with the growth of the District and needs of the community. I plan to ask the residents and business owners for input and follow through on plans. 

Public Safety & First Responders


Residents of District 3 should feel safe in their neighborhoods. Our police force and firefighters have been deprived of resources and funds. As criminal activity increases, so should their departments. I plan to ensure support and resources increase for our community policing programs and SAFFE officers are enhanced. 

Property Tax Reform


Every year, all property owners receive their property tax statement showing their appraised property values. We all incur increases in values when we have made no improvements or changes to our properties. The burden is placed on us to fight for our rights to avoid paying higher taxes. I plan to make sure as the representative for District 3, the Chief Appraiser knows we will not tolerate disparity anymore. 

Equity & Fairness


The needs of every Council District are different. Funding to provide projects, development, and services are also different. There are no cookie-cutter solutions to ensuring each District receives what they deserve. I plan to make sure there is equity when selecting projects, programs and funding and to make sure District 3 residents don't have to wait decades to receive basic services like having pot holes filled, side walks repaired, and beautification of parks and amenities.