District 3 Is My Community

Lifelong Resident of District 3

I have lived in District 3 my entire life and am a proud product of public schools throughout the community. As an adult, I re-affirmed my testimony of how committed and dedicated I am to my District 3 community and proudly purchased and renovated the home across the street from the house where I grew up. I strongly believes that investment of communities is drawn only from the continuous reinvestment of citizens. 

Rooted In District 3

As early as the age of 15, I began working to contribute to my family's needs. My first job was at the HEB on New Braunfels and Fair Avenue. Staying in the heart of District 3 was most important to me because I wanted to make sure I remained close to my family following the death of my father, Joe A. Campos.

Dedicated To Serve and Lead District 3

While focusing on my career in the legal field, I spent 24 years working as a legal administrator helping to assist families fight for their rights. During this time, I began to work as a Chief of Staff in the Texas Senate and was fortunate to serve District 3 and the surrounding community. Developing this unique perspective allowed me to see just how deeply issues affect the District and daily lives of residents. I learned to build and foster relationships with community leaders and stakeholders to improve the City.